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The LifeMark®-75 Automated Layout System has been designed specifically for the roadway stripers market. Using real-time kinematics (RTK) enhanced GPS-based location and laser line technologies, stripers now have the ability to accurately locate and record the position of roadway markings at highway speeds before the roadway is repaved. Then, once the roadway is repaved, the original markings can be duplicated in exactly the same GPS location as the original markings with workers safely off the road and out of harm’s way.

Prior to roadway markings being removed by paving or milling operations, the LifeMark®-75 first accurately locates the GPS position of longitudinal markings using a combination of GPS and laser line technologies. Locating the position of each marking is accomplished at highway speeds using only a driver and paint carriage operator who aligns the laser lines generated crosshair over the roadway mark. Both the driver and operator are safely seated within a vehicle. For subsequent layout and/or striping, the roadway layout crews are eliminated thereby increasing layout efficiency, decreasing labor costs and improving workers’ safety.

During the locating process, the driver positions the vehicle at the beginning of the current roadway marking and a GPS reference location is then computed. The driver then begins to move the vehicle along the roadway mark path. As the vehicle moves along the mark path, the carriage operator aligns the laser line generated crosshair over the marking and its GPS location determined. Each marking’s GPS location has an associated time tag, along with an index number. The actual marking, GPS location, time tag and associated index number are then stored in computer memory for further analysis. Both the recording and storage of marking location and time data is completed in real-time as the vehicle follows the roadway mark path. The roadway is then milled or repaved eliminating any visual remnants of the original markings.

To remark the newly repaved roadway, the driver positions the painting vehicle in the general location of the beginning of the original roadway mark path. The computer along with GPS technology then instructs the operator in which direction to move the paint vehicle to position it near the GPS reference location previously recorded. The computer then displays the original roadway mark path to assist the operator in moving the paint vehicle along the original path. The operator then proceeds to move the paint vehicle along the original roadway mark path now displayed by the computer. The computer then accurately controls the paint carriage cross travel, positioning it exactly to duplicate the original marking in its original location.

The LifeMark®-75 Automated Layout System system consists of two vehicle-mounted environmentally protected industrial laser line generators for generating a crosshair for targeting the roadway markings, a GPS locating system employing RTK technology, an industrial computer for calculating the GPS location of the original roadway mark path location, and a supplemental steering control system for accurately positioning the paint carriage and nozzle array over the original roadway mark path. Each LifeMark®-75 is custom built and goes through a one month burn-in period before installation.

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