LimnTech Scientific, Inc. designs and manufactures GPS-based machine vision systems for the roadway marking industry.

  • The LifeMark®-75 Automated Layout System enables highway-speed GPS precision locating and recording of pre-existing markings for automatic layout and/or application of longitudinal markings. There are more than 24 units in operation across the US.
  • The LifeMark®-100 Automated Layout System adds fixed camera systems to the LifeMark®-75.
  • The LifeMark®-300 Automated Re-striping System provides automated control of a striping truck’s paint guns and carriages without a rear operator.

These patent-pending systems improve worker’s safety, increase efficiency, and decrease labor costs.

LimnTech Scientific, Inc. maintains a staff of qualified programmers to provide customers with software solutions beyond that offered with our standard product lines. For example, customers may prefer quality control reports having very specific formatting requirements. Other customers may prefer that the quality control reports be directly integrated into their pre-existing IT infrastructure or made available over the cell phone network to employees or subcontractors in the field. LimnTech Scientific, Inc. has the technical depth to provide a broad range of custom software solutions to meet the requirements of the roadway marking industry.

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