Senior Staff

Douglas D. Dolinar – President

Mr. Dolinar has worked in the pavement marking industry since 1980, designing, manufacturing, providing training for, and operating high-production application and removal equipment. Before entering the pavement marking industry, he was employed as an engineer in the aerospace industry. His responsibilities involved working with precision bearings in applications for piston and jet engines for both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. Other applications included components for the space shuttle, helicopter gear reduction transmissions, and applications for machine tools.

Mr. Dolinar received his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (1975) from the University of Detroit. He is a longstanding member of the American Traffic Safety Service Association, serves on the Board of Directors for an insurance company, serves as a Community Advisor for a bank, and is a recipient of the Gino Nicolai Partner Award for exemplifying the qualities of honesty, integrity, trust and a true spirit of Partnership.

Christopher J. Davies – Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Davies is responsible for all sales and marketing efforts at LimnTech Scientific, offering a family of robotic systems designed to improve roadway worker safety by removing them from harm’s way.

Past technical product development at Potters Industries includes a wide variety of glass microsphere products and application equipment for the highway safety and metal finishing markets over a 33-year career. Mr. Davies holds seven patents related to the road marking industry. He is currently interested in all research into the guidance abilities of pavement marking systems relative to Autonomous Vehicles. Mr. Davies received his B Sc MET (1997) and MSM Management (1999) from Thomas Edison State College.

Gregory W. Driskell – Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Driskell brings over 30 years of experience to the pavement marking industry, where he has honed his skills in business, sales, marketing, and product management. His expertise extends to organizational structure and revenue strategy, making him adept at guiding companies to achieve new levels of success.

Mr. Driskell is a recognized authority in the field, specializing in designing, developing, manufacturing, and distributing solutions that enhance road user safety. His reputation extends nationally and internationally, underscoring his business management and development prowess. Greg excels in leading and optimizing people, processes, and products to deliver outstanding results within the Road Safety Infrastructure sector.