Download the LifeMark®-300 Data Sheet

THE LifeMark®-300 AUTOMATED RE-STRIPING SYSTEM is designed to control the re-striping of pavement markings without a rear operator. Cameras are used in conjunction with patent-pending real-time artificial intelligence machine learning techniques and computer algorithms to accurately define re-striping actions. The LifeMark®-300 recognizes all colors and types of lines, new and worn, over new and old concrete or asphalt, and will turn paint guns on and off as needed. The equipment is available to retrofit any long line paint, thermo, epoxy, or polyurea striping truck.

The LifeMark®-300 monitors the paint and glass bead installation via an in-cab video view. The system can control both sides of the striping truck.

DURING RE-STRIPE, a Smart Cylinder guided by the LifeMark®-300 ensures the paint guns are accurately positioned over the worn lines. The existing paint truck paint gun controller system can still be used to control the on/off function of the paint guns, alongside the LifeMark®-300 system.


  • Automatically control both carriages and all paint and glass bead guns to allow re-stripe of worn single, double or skip lines.
  • Specify stripe width, skip and cycle length, or re-stripe as existing.
  • Measure stripe width and automatically paint wider lines over old narrow markings.
  • Automatically record footage painted and re-stripe in areas that are worn. All control algorithms are processed on the truck in real-time.
  • No offline computer calculation is required to control the carriages.
  • No GPS, RTK, or cellphone connection is required.
  • Paint carriage location data is calculated in real-time.


Touchscreen Control Box in Driver’s Cab

Smart Cylinders Mounted into Carriages

Valve Body to Control Smart Cylinders

Computer Control Cabinet on Deck

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