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THE LifeMark®-75 Automated Layout System was designed specifically for the roadway stripers market. Using real-time kinematics (RTK) enhanced GPS-based location and laser technologies, this system provides stripers with the ability to accurately record the location of roadway markings before the roadway is repaved. Once the roadway is repaved, the original markings can then be duplicated in the same GPS location with workers safely off the road and out of harm’s way.

DURING THE RECORDING PROCESS, the driver positions the vehicle at the beginning of the current roadway marking and a GPS reference location is computed. The driver then follows the roadway mark path to record the location. As the vehicle moves along the mark path the GPS location is determined by the driver using a front-mounted laser pointer or by the rear carriage operator aligning the laser over the marking. The GPS location of the markings are then stored in computer memory.


TO REMARK THE RESURFACED ROADWAY, the driver guides the paint vehicle along the original path displayed by the computer. The computer then accurately controls the paint carriage via a servo motor, accurately painting layout marks.


THE OPERATOR is safely seated within a vehicle throughout this process, in either a single-operator or multi-operator layout version. For subsequent layout and/or striping, the roadway layout crews are eliminated, thereby increasing layout efficiency, decreasing labor costs and improving workers’ safety.



THE LifeMark®-75 ADMINISTRATION PAGE allows operators and office personnel to view maps of roads that have been recorded in preparation for future paving. The Administration Page also allows users to drill down into a close-up satellite view to assist in planning complicated layout jobs. Complicated layout patterns are made easy using the LifeMark®-75.


The LifeMark®-75 Automated Layout System consists of vehicle-mounted environmentally protected industrial laser pointers for targeting the roadway markings, a GPS locating system employing RTK technology, an industrial computer for calculating the GPS location of the original roadway mark path location, and a supplemental carriage control system for accurately positioning the paint carriage over the original roadway mark path. Each LifeMark®-75 is custom built and goes through a burn-in period before installation.


Single Operator System Description

The single operator system includes the LifeMark®-75 Automated Layout System for recording and layout of pavement markings along with a hydraulically actuated paint carriage and an electronic timing system mounted on a pickup truck. The LifeMark®-75 system is also available for mounting on a new or existing striping truck.

Full LifeMark®-75 Automated Layout System, including:

  • Truck-Mounted Front Control Box
  • Computer Enclosure Mounted in Cab
  • Antennas and Roof Rack
  • Fixed Pointer Laser

Paint System, including:

  • Hydraulic System
  • Layout Paint System
  • Paint Carriage

On-site Training

Installation Process

A vehicle is first inspected, and measurements taken at the owner’s facility. Unique parts required for installation are fabricated by LimnTech Scientific. The LifeMark®-75 Automated Layout System and parts are then pre-staged prior to installation. Installation at LimnTech Scientific requires the vehicle be taken out-of-service for 5 days or less.

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